What is Test Bank?

Test Bank is Instructor’s material which is prepared and organized for the preparation of examination and tests. It usually consists of all types of questions and answers from every chapter of text book. This is very helpful for any student if he is able to get an access to it.

What is Solution Manual?

A Solution Manual is a step by step comprehensive resource of you text books which is customized by Instructor to teach their students.

Primarily, it is not available for students to use it. However, we provide it here with full privacy.

Why use TestBank & solution manuals from testbankplanet?

As we claim and we truly are one the most trusted and most huge repository of test banks and solution manuals you cannot get anywhere else even on Amazon and Ebay.

How you can search your desired testBank?

There is a search bar included in header area of every page to search. If you feel you are not comfortable with it or you do not find your desired material please directly email use either using contact form at Contact Us Page or email us at :

Support Team :

How you can send your orders?

On product page of each product you will find BUY NOW button on right side bar. Please click on that which will lead you to form. Please fill that form and we will immediately respond to your request.

Which payment processor TestBankPlanet supports?

TestBankPlanet supports most of the payment processors like Paypal, Pyza, Bitcoins, Western Union and all types of Debit / Credit Cards.

What is the format of documents received?

All documents are provided in Microsoft word, and PDF format.

Which software you can use to open documents?

You need pdf reader and Micosoft Office installed on your computer to use these. Moreover, some files may be zipped to compress their size. For these types of files you need Winzip or RAR etc…

Private Policy?

We do not keep any of buyer information provided to us and remove it from records immediately as soon as payment is processed and student receives its all purchased material.