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Solution Manual for Microbiology An Introduction 9th Edition Tortora

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Solution Manual for Microbiology An Introduction 9th Edition Tortora

Downloadable Solution Manual for Microbiology An Introduction 9th Edition Tortora INSTANT DOWNLOAD

Table of Contents

1. The Microbial World And You
  2. Chemical Principles
  3. Observing Microorganisms Through A Microscope
  4. Functional Anatomy Of Prokaryotic And Eukaryotic Cells
  5. Microbial Metabolism
  6. Microbial Growth
  7. The Control Of Microbial Growth
  8. Microbial Genetics
  9. Biotechnology And Recombinant Dna
  10. Classification Of Microorganisms
  11. The Prokaryotes: Domains Bacteria And Archaea
  12. The Eukaryotes: Fungi, Algae, Protozoa, And Helminths
  13. Viruses, Viroids, And Prions
  14. Principles Of Disease And Epidemiology
  15. Microbial Mechanisms Of Pathogenicity
  16. Innate Immunity: Nonspecific Defenses Of The Host
  17. Adaptive Immunity: Specific Defenses Of The Host
  18. Practical Applications Of Immunology
  19. Disorders Associated With The Immune System
  20. Antimicrobial Drugs
  21. Microbial Diseases Of The Skin And Eyes
  22. Microbial Diseases Of The Nervous System
  23. Microbial Diseases Of The Cardiovascular And Lymphatic Systems
  24. Microbial Diseases Of The Respiratory System
  25. Microbial Diseases Of The Digestive System
  26. Microbial Diseases Of The Urinary And Reproductive Systems
  27. Environmental Microbiology.
  28. Applied And Industrial Microbiology.

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